Commence Quilting!

May 23, 2007 at 6:10 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts | 5 Comments

I’ve never done this before … ever … but here goes …

I was at JoAnn’s today with 2 giftcards in hand and wondering what in the world I wanted to buy. More painting supplies? How about embroidery patterns and threads? I got Little Buttercup’s hopes up when I thought I would make her and Baby Buttercup matching PJs. But I changed my mind and went to the quilting supplies. I bought a rotary cutter, self-healing mat, acrylic ruler, needles, template plastic, a thimble (like I don’t already have one!) … I think that’s it.

Then I went on a quest for the right fabric. Since I had already been in the store for an hour I didn’t spend quite as much time looking through the fabrics as I would have liked, but I did find the 3 over to the left. I want my quilts (should I like the process and take it up as yet another hobby) to be artwork and to represent me. And I was feeling springy, so I chose those 3. I will be making a Single Irish Chain lap quilt for my first project. And I got the pattern and instruction from a book that I recently received – Your First Quilt Book (or it should be) by Carol Doak. It’s an excellent book IMHO :) … very practical and I like practical when I’m trying to figure out how to do something.

So now the fabrics are swirling and whirling in the Kenmore sea … I’m sure they’re done now and ready to be dried and ironed and cut to bits :)




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  1. Love your fabric choices! I’d love to see your project in progressive stages. Are you going to do any hand stitching??

  2. I love, love, love to quilt! Maybe we should start one for the family. I’ll do a square and send it to you, then you do a square and send it back…

    We could get the girls to each do squares also.

  3. Christy –

    Thank for the encouragement :) … Yes, I am going to post the prgoress/stages — I already di the first post today :)

    Angela –

    I didn’t know that you quilted! I’ve got to figure out this quilting thing a bit more before I commit to anything like that :)


  4. I do! I have done a few small (kids’ size or lap) and lots of quilted pillows. I have LOTS of squares that Ihave sewn over the years, but with babies, babies and more babies I haven’t gotten finished. One day…

    Your fabric is precious :D

  5. […] Jun 7th, 2007 by Heather I just completed piecing my first quilt top ever … and I am so pleased!  We are still on vacation and I have been working on it during the baby’s naps.  She’s napping now and I was able to finish the top.  I’m so excited.  If I had my camera cord with me I would share a picture with you.  I promise as soon as I get a chance upon returning home to post the pic … it’s really lovely, if I do say so myself.  I really like the combination of the fabrics that I chose.  You can see them here. […]

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