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ClotheslineI love the look of fresh laundry hanging on the clotheline, blowing in the breeze. That’s why I used such a picture for my header. I’ve come to enjoy the laundry. Really. And let me tell you why … I do it every day. Yes, every day I do laundry. Then you would think that I hate it, right? But no, I don’t.

Why? When I do laundry every day then it’s just a small amount that needs to be done and it’s very manageable. My mom told me this a long time ago, but only recently have I heeded her advice and done it. You know what? She was right … again :)
Anyway, I’m thinking of trying some new things. Mainly, T-Wave Activated Cleaning Capsules. I read about them in the Urban Homemaker catalog and they are intriguing … anyone ever use them or something similar? I tried a natural powder last year and proceeded to break out all over, so I’m back to All Free-n-Clear. But I really hate using chemicals.

And I want to hang my laundry out on my own clotheline, I do … but I haven’t ventured there yet. For much inspiration visit Project Clothesline!
And one more thing ….

A laundry tip:
Spin Twice, Dry Once

(Picture – Title: Clothesline, Artist: John Jones)


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  1. Yes, I, a person who is extremely sceptical of ‘promises’, tried the T-wave because I was so tired of using harsh, allergenic products. I thought maybe, just maybe this would work. I am so pleased to report that this is a fantastic product! It does an excellant job of cleaning my clothes and that smell so clean! My kitchen towels, washclothes and napkins ALWAYS smelled less that good; they had a flunky, food smell and were quite stained because I did not like to use bleach because it gave me headaches. After using the T-Wave several times they look cleaner, smell fresh and nice! I love them!

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