Strawberry Jam

May 26, 2007 at 6:30 pm | Posted in canning | 8 Comments

Since we picked tons of wonderful strawberries yesterday I decided that we would make strawberry jam today. A few years ago my sweet mother-in-law gave me a great book – Blue Ribbon Preserves. It’s fantastic with great advice, practical information, and, of course, wonderful recipes. Because the recipe that I used is from a book that is copyrighted, I won’t post it here. Just know that it is G~O~O~D, as is her Caramel Apple Butter recipe (*mouth watering now*)…. perhaps you should go and buy a copy!


I documented our jam making this morning to share with you …

Here are the jars sterilizing

(I know you don’t have to sterilize them when canning for longer that 10 minutes, but I do it anyway just in case…)


And here they are waiting patiently for the yummy strawberry jam …

This is the stirring process …

And the crushed strawberries are finally coming to a boil!

The full jars of jam in the water bath canner during the canning process…

And the final product …

I love the sound of sealing jars (*ping*) and the sight of them sitting on my table and cooling. MMmmmmm … can’t wait to dig in and to share with some friends and neighbors!


Why share all this? I’m hoping that you might be inspired to do a little canning of your own this year. I always wanted to try it and a few years ago my sweet mother-in-law bought me everything that I need for water bath canning. Can I tell you that I love it? I don’t do it very often, but I do enjoy it. If you’ve not tried it, give it a try. Water bath canning is not expensive and it’s simple.

The Ball Blue Book is an excellent source of information, as is Blue Ribbon Preserves (not just fruit preserves, mind you, but canning information and recipes in general). You can find out more information at your local extension service (so glad these are still around!) and various websites such as and

Since I’m growing a new garden this year I think that I will be purchasing a pressure canner (NOT the same thing as a pressure cooker!) and canning come green beans. They require a pressure canner because they are low-acid foods. Most fruit (if not all, I can’t remember off the top of my head) is a high-acid food and requires only a water bath canner. I’m even going to try my hand at pickles! Now if my happy plants will remain happy and grow, grow, grow …




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  1. This is something that I have always wanted to do. I remember watching my grandmother and mother do this when I was very little.

    Now that I am making fresh bread here at home, I need to learn how to make good jams and jellies to put on it!!

    It makes me laugh at how our generation is returning, seemingly, to so much that was done by our grandmothers. Not knocking the Mamas at all (Nana : ). I just think it is funny how things come back around.

  2. It’s funny, Brandon was out working yesterday and talking to an older customer of his. He told her I was making jam today and she got all excited and said, “No one does that kind of stuff anymore!” … I just love that kind of stuff. I am SO enjoying working on my quilt. Can’t wait to be finished and you can see it. I’m halfway done with the quilt blocks for the top. :)


  3. This has been on my mind. How expensive is it to take on canning?

  4. Heather, I have been very inspired by your quilting and canning posts…and gardening. Gardening and sewing are 2 things I have wanted to do but am CLUELESS. I know a lot of it you must commit to DO/practice in order to learn. So I admire you greatly for taking on all these challenges! I just don’t see how you have the time for all this! :)

  5. Heather, I’m inspired!!

    There is a great orchard in our new town that let’s you pick fruit each season. I think now is the perfect time to learn this hobby!

    I have both books you mentioned on hold at the library. Thanks for sharing your life and inspiring mine in so many ways!!

    In Him,

  6. Angela –

    Water Bath Canning is cheaper than pressure canning because pressure canners are much more expensive. It’s really, though, an initial investment thing.

    The canners are generally $25 or so (compared to well over $100 for a pressure canner). Then you need the jars and lids (can buy just about anywhere these days).

    There are also little things that you would want, but that are not completely necessary, such as:
    Funnel (should be stainless Steel, made for canning – fits the jars perfectly), lid lifter, jar lifter (actually , quite necessary).

    Ask for your birthday or Christmas ;)

  7. Candace –

    My house is a wreck … just kidding ;) … I don’t know where i find the time, I just do somehow …

    Fran –

    I am so glad that you are inspired – that is the purpose of this blog :)


  8. I started canning this year and I remember the first batch I did.
    I was scared, hot and tired. =P
    My stove wasn’t made to boil that great big pot so it took hours and it was during summer. I kept running back and forth trying to make sure the stove wasn’t exploding and keeping a stirring hand on the peach/sugar mixture.
    Then I was nervous…Had I done it right? Would I kill someone with my experiment? I read afterwards you aren’t suppose to turn the jars upside down after sealing or you’ll get a bad seal and if you didn’t hear the ping, you would have to start again.
    I was at my computer a couple of hours later when I heard the first ping of many. Scared and excited me. Woohoo, I thought My first batch of Peach Jelly. I proudly passed around the first jar the next morning. Took pictures which I still have but I still remember being scared out of my wits that I was going to end up killing someone. (lol)
    Thanks for the smiles and awesome memory flashback.

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