Designing My Own

June 12, 2007 at 9:27 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts | 2 Comments

quilttop2.jpgI am so inspired and so excited about my first quilt top that I have decided to design my own.  It’s a contemporary design, but I’m not going to post my drawing of it.  I’ll post the fabric after I buy it tomorrow.  Let’s just say that I was inspired by our trip to the beach last week.  I hope it turns out like the idea that I have in my head (and the picture that I drew!) :)

Also, I bought Quilt Design Wizard software CD on eBay today for about $20.  I can’t wait for it to arrive!  Supposedly it’s good for a beginner and not too much of an investment to see if I like designing my own more traditional quilts and on the computer.   I’ll let you know if it’s worth the $$ when it arrives.

Tomorrow I am off to buy the rest of the things that I need to complete my first quilt … batting, the backing, quilt thread and a quilting hoop.  I have everything else.  Can’t wait to finish it ……….. YAY!

Later ….



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  1. Love the colors, that is actually an old design called an Irish Chain Quilt so I guess you can make an old design look contemporary, there is also an Double and Triple Irish Chain Quilt, actually one of the first quilt i ever made was a Triple Irish Chain Quilt, gosh before rotary cutters, we used cardboard templates and scissors cutting each piece separately, some 30 years ago….

  2. Yes, I know that is an Irish Chain Quilt – it’s the first I ever made. I was actually referring to (when I talked about designing my own) the next quilt that I made for my youngest daughter. Thanks for the compliment on the colors :)

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