Me, The Busy Quilting Bee … and one more thing I learned

June 22, 2007 at 10:38 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts, sewing | 15 Comments

I love it … love quilting, that is. I just finished my baby’s quilt that I call “Pink Geometry”. I designed it myself and I love it. Even figured out binding this time around :)

Here are some pix:



Oh, and my daughter stealthily snapped some pix of me while sewing:


Now … I’ve got to figure out all those neat ways I have seen to label my quilts, like I have seen here: Lost Quilt Come Home Page

here: Quilt Labels

and here: Bryer Patch Studio

oh, and also here: Direct Fabric Printing on a Computer

AND one more thing that I learned today while finishing the quilt binding … thread is IMPORTANT! El Cheapo thread (a la Coats and Clark from JoAnns or Wal Mart) is not what you want to use if you can help it. A few stitches into whip stitching the binding and it would get linty and easily tangle and pull. So … I’m off to buy some better thread … a lot of it ;)



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  1. Now why wasn’t geometry pink when I was in school. :-) I think it is beautiful, congratulations!!!! I have done 1 quilt and didn’t do binding so that is a must do on my next quilt.

  2. Yes … if geometry had been pink in school perhaps I would have done better!

    Thanks for the viist and comment :)


  3. beautiful quilt. i love that it is sweet and girly without being typical baby prints. far more interesting that duckies and butterflies.


  4. Mermaids –

    Thanks … I’m not a fan of baby prints myself. Thanks for the compliment :)


  5. It’s a lovely quilt! I’m sure your daughter will treasure it for years. Great job on the mitred corner you showed in the closeup, I wish all my corners came out so well!

  6. Absolutely beautiful quilt, Heather!!!!! The binding is wonderful! Glad you figured that thing about the thread out early on!:) I did NOT!

    So, give us a hint! What’s next??

    I am still interested in a re-do of your print of the worshiping girl. Any further thoughts? No pressure, just wondering.

  7. dailystitches — thanks for the compliment :)

    Christi –

    I haven’t forgotten about the print, just can’t ever remember to find out about it when I’m out and about. What’s next? A quilt that was inspired by our latest trip to the beach … it’s a contemporary quilt so should be fun!


  8. It is so funny how we quilter’s blog on such similar topics, I wrote one like yours almost every topic. Pictures of myself and all.

    Quilting and quilters are all great! And like minds…etc…smile.

  9. I love the quilt, it is beautiful.

  10. BEE-autiful! It is so pretty! Great Job!

    We missed you this weekend. Louis & Sandy have your shirts. Well…they have your’s and the girls’ and will explain where Brandon’s is. I just want to say that I had NOTHING to do with it : ) One word…”SAUSAGE”!! Ask Sandy : )

  11. Wow Heather you are now my official quilting hero – you are such a pro already! Well done! When I get my stuf I’m coming to you for lessons! ;-)

  12. Thanks Julie, PurplePolkaDots, Angela and Louise :)


  13. Louise — it’s easier than it seems … you’ll love it when you try it :)

  14. Your quilt is beautiful. I am self taught too and there is great accomplishment in that. Your children are watching ;0) They will see the mistakes and watch you try again and get it right the next time. What a great life lesson for them. Your binding on the first quilt was not “that bad”. On the pink quilt it is perfect. Now you are officially a quilter and there is no turning back!!

  15. I am going to have to stop reading your blog, because you make me want to throw all of my not-so-exciting tasks (like dishes and floors) out of the window and just quilt, can, and sew all day!!! Boy, wouldn’t that be fun?!?!?!

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