Gardening … Relaxing … Wondering …

June 4, 2007 at 7:46 am | Posted in gardening | 5 Comments

Last week toward the end of the week my tomatoes began to blossom and my beans sprouts began to grow.  I’m so excited.  But I also found that the evil tiny agents of satan fire ants have returned to my yard via my garden.  Apparently the makings of good garden soil are also the makings of good fire ant mounds. 

I’m on vacation right now in Florida.  We left on Saturday morning.  I’m wondering …

Have the ants completely taken over???  I hate loathe those blasted things!

Are there any more blossoms on my tomatoes???

Is the timer that we put on the sprinkler working and watering my garden???  Or are they dying for water at this point?

How many more of my beans have sprouted up???

That’s probably the first place that  will go come Saturday afternoon when we arrive home, to go and chack on my garden :)

Later ……..

Strawberries, Soil and Sun

May 25, 2007 at 5:14 pm | Posted in family, gardening | Leave a comment

Ahhhhh … it’s been a good day. I’m wiped out, but it’s been a good day. First, my dear hubby got up this morning to finish getting the ground ready for my late-but-oh-well vegetable garden. Here are a couple of picture of him from yesterday tilling up the area…

Isn’t he just the best husband to do all this for me? I think so! I love you! Anyway, …..

He finished that and then went off to work. I proceeded to get my daughters ready to go strawberry picking with some new friends from a homeschooling Yahoo! Group. It was great fun. We went to Washington Farms and had a little presentation from the guy who owns the farm (who happens to homeschool also!), picked some yummy strawberries and went on a hayride. Then we had a picnic lunch with our new friends. I wish we would have been able to stay longer, but we had to run. Here are a few pictures of my strawberry-stained Baby Buttercup – she just couldn’t resist the red, ripe berries!

Okay, so then we drove over and met my husband to buy the plants for my vegetable garden (a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!). We bought tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and zucchini. And then when we got home I began to plant my garden. Having never done it before it took me a while to get it figured out in my mind just what I wanted/needed to do. But once I got it all layed out right and made my simple bamboo trellises I set to work. I’m quite pleased. Below is a picture of my humble garden…

And close-up of a pepper plant that looks happy to be out of his cup and into the soil …

I wanted to share our great day with you. I think that I sunburned my face :-O …… Oh well, I’m off now to rest and read (now that I am truly inspired) my gardening catalogs. And the strawberries are so incredibly yummy that I think that I might have them for dinner!

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