Help! I am so confused about these quilt instructions …

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I purchased the Charm School Lesson 6 pattern from Quilted Quickes (actually got it from Fat Quarter Shop – it looked easy enough!). I have been reading and reading the instructions and I am SO confused! If you can help me or have any ideas, please let me know!

First, I am to cut 8 of the 5″ squares in half to give me 16 2 1/2″x5″ pieces. That I can handle ;) … but the next instructions are throwing me for a loop. They say:

Cut 2 2 1/2″ strips from the fabric designated for the checker squares.

Now, all I know is that I am to have 1 1/8 yard of fabric for the checker squares, outer border and game bags. so I’m wondering… 2 1/2″x what??? Then it says:

Place checker square fabric strip (again, I am unsure of the dimensions of said fabric strip) facing up and place a 2 1/2″x5″ strip (cut from the charms in step above) right side down on top of the checker square strip. Take a 1/4″ seam (does that mean “sew” a 1/4 inch seam?), then place another 2 1/2″x5″ strip about 1/8″ down from the first 2 1/2″x5″ strip and take another 1/4″ seam (again, does “take” mean sew?). Continue this chain piecing technique until you are our of 2 1/2″x5″ pieces (see illustration 1) — which BTW makes NO sense to me, but the illustration looks like this:


Then cut apart sewn units into 2 1/2″ strips (see illustration 2 — which is below). This yields 32 units after cutting occurs. The dotted lines below are cutting lines, not seam lines (according to the instructions) …


This may not be my last question about this as the instructions seem somewhat ambiguous … can you help me???!!!

This is the 2nd time I have picked up these instructions to try and figure them out … what am I doing/seeing/reading wrong?

Fisnished Diaper Bag and Musings on Sewing …

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As promised, here is the completed diaper bag:


I LOVE IT!  There is a pocket on the end with baby’s milk cup and that white “stripe” on the side is the edge of an outside pocket trimmed with twill tape.  The handles are folded over to the other side, but they match the bag and it’s tied with twill tape as well.  I absolutely love it, like I said.  The design is great – came from Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.  It’s the All-day Tote.

So, my machine is in the shop and I’m going crazy waiting to get it back.  I am really wanting to sew these twirly skirts for the  girls with this cute denim fabric that I picked up on clearance Friday:


I’ll probably also make purses and hair bands to go with … my daughter loved this fabric.

Also, I bought these prints to make my first quilt pattern from the Modern Quilt Workshop book … Outside the Box it’s called.


I guess I can begin cutting out the pieces and piecing the top together, since I like to do that be hand.

*sigh* … missing my machine already …..

$$ is burning a hole in my pocket …

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Or in this case I should say a PayPal balance is burning a hole in my … well, I dunno!  But it was burning a hole and I spent it.  I’ve been wanting to order from the Fat Quarter Shop for a while now, so I did this morning.  I should get it in a few days and I’m excited.  Here’s what a bought:

Quilted Quickies-Checker Board, Game Pieces & Travel Bag


Perfect for my daughter, as well as to make gifts!

And I bought these to make the one for my daughter … what do you think?  Chez Moi Charm Pack from Sentimental Studios for Moda Fabrics —


Can’t wait to receive these!


~New Book Find~

June 30, 2007 at 7:07 am | Posted in books, finds, quilting, quilts | 2 Comments

mqwcover.jpgThe Modern Quilt Workshop: Patterns, Techniques and Designs from the Fun Quilts Studio.  I have been wanting this book for a while now ever since finding the Modern Quilt-Along hosted by Kim @ Diaramarama.  Although I do THOROUGHLY enjoy quilting, my style is more along the lines of modern rather than traditional.  So imagine my delight at finding a book that would help me make some, and even design my own, modern quilts.  I finally bought it yesterday and have enjoyed reading it so far.  It’s definitely a must-have!
The very first pattern that I will make is called “Out of the Box” and if you know me IRL or read my personal blog, a free heart’s reflections, then you might understand why ;)

My dear husband has given me some extra money to spend and I can’t wait to sit down and begin planning out what I need … then go and buy the fabric and begin making my first modern quilt!

Well, gotta run … it’s time to get ready as we head out to the Sunflower Festival today!  I promise I’ll share some pix later :)


Me, The Busy Quilting Bee … and one more thing I learned

June 22, 2007 at 10:38 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts, sewing | 15 Comments

I love it … love quilting, that is. I just finished my baby’s quilt that I call “Pink Geometry”. I designed it myself and I love it. Even figured out binding this time around :)

Here are some pix:



Oh, and my daughter stealthily snapped some pix of me while sewing:


Now … I’ve got to figure out all those neat ways I have seen to label my quilts, like I have seen here: Lost Quilt Come Home Page

here: Quilt Labels

and here: Bryer Patch Studio

oh, and also here: Direct Fabric Printing on a Computer

AND one more thing that I learned today while finishing the quilt binding … thread is IMPORTANT! El Cheapo thread (a la Coats and Clark from JoAnns or Wal Mart) is not what you want to use if you can help it. A few stitches into whip stitching the binding and it would get linty and easily tangle and pull. So … I’m off to buy some better thread … a lot of it ;)

Sewing Sewing Sewing

June 21, 2007 at 10:38 am | Posted in quilting, quilts, sewing | 7 Comments

Here’s the picture of my first ever quilt that I promised:


The binding is SO bad on it … I just didn’t understand exactly how to do it until now.  I guess that’s what happens when you are teaching yourself!  My next quilt will definitely be better :). Speaking of that …

Here are the blocks and the finished top:



I call it “Pink Geometry” and it will be for my 18-month-old, perfect size for her.  I designed it with my new Quilt Design Wizard (did I mention that I love this program?  So does my daughter).

Oh, one more thing … my oldest has been begging me to learn to use the sewing machine and I think she’s ready, so we started yesterday.  I have My First Sewing Machine Book and kit and we’re using that.


She’s enjoying using the machine with no thread and seeing how well she can sew on the lines.  As a matter of fact she’s doing that right now and trying all the different stitches on the machine.  I think she might need one of her own.  I’ve heard the Janome Hello KItty machine is pretty good for a kid.

My husband said he would rather pay $60 for that for her than about anything else, so maybe we’ll get one for her soon …

Well, gotta run – some friends are coming over today … later ;)

I’m Done, It’s Not Perfect & I Learned A lot!

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The quilt that I began is finally completed.  I made some mistakes on it.  But I learned an awful lot!  It was SO worth the $ (to me) to buy the even feed foot for my machine.  I bought it yesterday morning and finished the quilt last night.  I’ll post a picture later as my oldest daughter in sleeping with it right now.  I’m already starting on my next one.  It will be better.  One thing is that I didn’t fully understand the binding process or making the bias tape until I came across the following:

Making Continuous Bias Tape

Binding the Quilt – LOVE this tutorial (pictures are helpful for me :)

Finished, It should look like this


Waving the White Flag

June 15, 2007 at 8:45 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts | 1 Comment

white-flag-small.jpgI surrender.  I am not enjoying hand quilting, learning or any of that process.  My dear husband said, “Go ahead and buy the foot for your sewing machine.”  And that’s what I am going to do.  Maybe one day I’ll try hand quilting again.  But for now the machine will do.  I called one of my local quilt shops and they were very nice.  I was supposed to go and pick it up this morning, but I’ve had too much going on.  I’m hoping to get there on Monday.  In the meantime check out the post below ………..

2 Good Finds Today ….

June 15, 2007 at 8:40 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts | Leave a comment

#1 – In the mail today I received Quilt Design Wizard that I bought on eBay for $20.  Can I tell you that a I ~L~O~V~E~ it???  I really do.  It’s super easy for the beginner.  I can see where later I would want to buy the ultra versions of Electric Quilt in order to scan my own fabrics, but for now this’ll do!

#2 – I picked up a super-cool quilt magazine today.  Quilter’s Home.  The writing is fresh and the quilts are inspiring.  The tagline is “For the new generation of quilters“.  I like it.  Might have to subscribe :)

Okay, now I’m off to plan the quilt that I just designed with my new wizard :D


Basted and Wasted

June 14, 2007 at 12:43 pm | Posted in quilting, quilts | 2 Comments

The quilt is basted and I am wasted.  Who knew basting a quilt on the floor would be so tiring?  If you knew, why didn’t you tell me???

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