WFMW: Libary Elf

June 20, 2007 at 6:39 am | Posted in misc, WFMW | 2 Comments

booksimage.gifIf you’re like me, then you have usually have way too many books checked out from the library (is there such a thing, really?).  And I always seem to have some late and run my library fine tab up to the limit.  Currently it’s $1 below the limit … once I reach the limit I cannot check out any more books until I pay the fine.  eek!  Anyway, I got up to this amount before I discovered Library Elf.

It’s great.  You go to the website and sign up and put in your library information (if your system participates) and card # (you can even have multiple #s on the same account, like if your children have their own cards … handy!).  Then they let you know via email when books you have placed on hold become available, when you have items due and when you have items overdue.  It even has an RSS feed that you can put in your reader (i.e. Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.).  Oh, and it’s free!
I have found this to be so helpful because otherwise I will forget when books are due.  Now … I’m off to renew some books that I just saw on my Library Elf that are due :)


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