Sunflower Festival Recap

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We had a great time at the Sunflower Festival this year.  We spent too much money and ate too much food and got way too hot, but it was worth it.

The girls had a great time too.  There are many local artisans selling their wares, which we purchased (of course).  And there was an antique tractor parade, which we liked because we dream of one day having enough land to warrant having a tractor!

 There are gardens to explore, a sharecroppers home and, of course, huge sunflowers fields to visit and cut sunflowers.

There was a lot of good fair/festival-type food and entertainment.  Also, there was a kids’ area with face painting and pony rides and a petting zoo and an enchanted forest.

Sunflower Festival

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It’s time for the Annual Sunflower Festival again!  If you live anywhere within driving distance of Rutledge, GA you simply must bring the entire family out for a weekend of fun in the sun-flowers ;)


There will be live music, the sharecropper’s house tour,  cut your own sunflowers for $7 (vase included), hay rides, pony rides and petting zoo, demonstrations, food, local market, kids’ activities, antique tractors, and much more!  They have tons of activities for the kids.

Have a :) weekend!



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My oldest daughter has been begging me to make popsicles.  We finally found some molds when we were in Florida on vacation (of course, I am seeing them everywhere at home … now … go figure).  Here are the molds my mom-in-law bought us:


So the other night we made dreamsicles.  We used the recipe I found here called “Creamy Juice Bars”.

Here are all our ingredients: vanilla ice cream (they only had French Vanilla at Whole Foods that day – they would have been better with regular vanilla), frozen orange juice concentrate, a blender and molds.  How easy!


Blending the ingredients …


My daughter just couldn’t help herself …


Pouring the mixture into the molds …


Ready to be frozen …


Eating the yummy treat!


 Have a nice and cool day :)


June 9, 2007 at 6:42 pm | Posted in cooking, family, fun | 2 Comments

Mmmmmmm … it is so hot today and popsicles sound so good. I know we will be running up to Bruster’s for some ice cream later! While we were on vacation I found some popsicle molds (I couldn’t find any here at home) and so later we’ll make some yummy popsicles. I thought I would share the recipes with you that I found …

Recipe Chic: Homemade Popsicles – This site has some gret recipes and information about different molds and how to make your own

Pioneer Thinking: Popsicle Paradise! – This site has a some good ideas for non-traditional popsicles

Scrumptious Summertime Treats – This site has some for fun recipes

CAn’t wait to make them … enjoy :)

Strawberries, Soil and Sun

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Ahhhhh … it’s been a good day. I’m wiped out, but it’s been a good day. First, my dear hubby got up this morning to finish getting the ground ready for my late-but-oh-well vegetable garden. Here are a couple of picture of him from yesterday tilling up the area…

Isn’t he just the best husband to do all this for me? I think so! I love you! Anyway, …..

He finished that and then went off to work. I proceeded to get my daughters ready to go strawberry picking with some new friends from a homeschooling Yahoo! Group. It was great fun. We went to Washington Farms and had a little presentation from the guy who owns the farm (who happens to homeschool also!), picked some yummy strawberries and went on a hayride. Then we had a picnic lunch with our new friends. I wish we would have been able to stay longer, but we had to run. Here are a few pictures of my strawberry-stained Baby Buttercup – she just couldn’t resist the red, ripe berries!

Okay, so then we drove over and met my husband to buy the plants for my vegetable garden (a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift!). We bought tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers and zucchini. And then when we got home I began to plant my garden. Having never done it before it took me a while to get it figured out in my mind just what I wanted/needed to do. But once I got it all layed out right and made my simple bamboo trellises I set to work. I’m quite pleased. Below is a picture of my humble garden…

And close-up of a pepper plant that looks happy to be out of his cup and into the soil …

I wanted to share our great day with you. I think that I sunburned my face :-O …… Oh well, I’m off now to rest and read (now that I am truly inspired) my gardening catalogs. And the strawberries are so incredibly yummy that I think that I might have them for dinner!

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